Safe and Cost-Effective AST/UST
Leak Testing Solutions

Cost-effective use of technology sets Mass Technology apart.

  • Leak detection system does not disturb the tank’s structure, foundation, or surrounding soil.
  • Set-up time and capital investment costs are minimized.
  • Mass Measurement leak testing system is intrinsically safe.
  • Leak detection process in no way alters the loading or pressure on the tank structure.
  • The measured variable is the mass of the fluid in the tank itself.
  • Results are not generated by exception as in other systems.
  • Chemical additives are not mixed with the tank contents.
  • Upon completion of the test, all components of the leak test system are recovered and removed from the site.

Mass Technology’s innovative storage tank leak testing system is safer and more cost-effective than conventional methods. Conventional leak detection methods often require content removal, cleaning, and physical inspection. Exposure of service personnel to tank contents and to the risks associated with tank entry are eliminated. Conventional inspections disrupt business and require handling and disposal of hazardous wastes.  Mass Measurement Leak Detection eliminates these drawbacks.

Mass Technology’s state-of-the-art system is not restricted by fluid type, fluid temperature, fluid level, or tank size. Multiple tank testing can be accomplished simultaneously to further reduce the total time involved and rapidly identify problem areas.

Tank Leak Testing Experts With Real Industry Experience

Mass Technology’s staff of professionals have extensive experience in aboveground and underground storage tank leak testing. We are responsible and professional service specialists, whose goal is to provide timely, non-intrusive, and self-directed service at your site with minimal tank downtime.

Technical Precision That Eliminates Guesswork

Mass Technology’s leak detection method less costly and safer than conventional methods and is more precise. Our mass measurement system eliminates the guesswork involved in other technologies. The measured variable - the pressure imposed by the mass of the storage tank’s fluid contents - is a quantitative measurement. The storage tank’s fluid containment capability is determined, as well as an accurate measurement of the leak rate, if a leak exists. The system is capable of measuring leak rates of less than one gallon per hour in 100,000 barrel storage tanks. This is a detection capacity of less than one part per million based on tank capacity.